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What kind of sites are being affected by the update of Google Panda?

all seo knowledgeThe Panda Google Update is an update of its algorithms published by Google, the world's largest search engine. The Panda Google Update is designed to decrease the level of sites that scrape or copy content from other sites on the Internet, a reminder of how Google can be powerful when it comes to dealing with duplicate content. While this has boosted the ranking of some sites like YouTube or Vimeo, has had a negative effect on many sites.

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"What sites have been affected by the update of Google Panda?"
Sites that appear to have been most affected are those known as "content farms." The content farms are defined by Wikipedia as a site that employs large numbers of independent and professional writers to create content that is designed to provide maximum recovery of text produced by the search engines due to the fact that it is written to meet regulations of the Google algorithms.
There are many websites that use content that is just spam, but contain high amounts of keywords and keyword phrases. The Panda Google Update is designed to decrease the level of those sites and leave your rating through the floor. Now, instead of focusing exclusively on the keywords used in these sites, updating Panda is causing Google search engine to search through content to find the text that is really relevant and accurate.
The main sites that have been affected by this update are:
Sites like Demand Media, Suite 101,, and many other sites that use a large amount of text with keywords that is just content to improve the ranking of individual websites
A number of tech sites that provide similar tests on the same product have also received a serious blow, with a major review sites of high technology in the UK not even taken in the first two pages of a search Google search results.
Many sites offer discount coupons or shopping deals have also been hit hard due to the fact that many of the pages of the websites seem to have duplicate content and spam.
Many websites that show sales in several places have also been hit.
What sites are not the objective of Panda Google Update?
Updating Google Panda has been known to the sites that aim to:
  • A lot of duplicate content, or content that is considered to be doubled.
  • A low amount of original content, or content that is unique to the web site.
  • Many of the ads that appear to be inadequate or irrelevant to the theme of the website.
  • Many pages that have little original content.
  • Page title tag and content that match the search queries that the page has a high yield.
  • Over-optimization of web pages, or use of text that has too many keywords, regardless of whether they appear to be natural or not.
  • Pages that have low time of visit
  • Pages with high bounce rates
  • Low rate of return visitors
  • Few links leading to the page
  • Repetitive or identical content on each page
  • Few links that lead to the home page social media sites
If your site has all the above features, then you may want to take steps to correct the website to make sure your site is not discarded or degraded by Google Panda update.
What I can do to change my website?
    To reduce the effect that Google Panda will update its website, it is vital to make some changes to your website. The following changes may be simple, but are essential to ensure that your website does not have to be a successful update of Google Panda:
  • Get rid of ads on your site too. The pages that have too many ads are often degraded by the update, so get rid of all advertising is excessive or irrelevant.
  • Make sure your pages do not contain duplicate content of any other website. Make sure all the content on your page is complete only.
  • Find if any of the individual pages of your website are getting the results of a keyword that is not the actual keyword for that page. Google is punishing sites that get results, so the changes necessary to correct this problem.
  • Always make sure that the owners of the pages coincides with the text and the content of these pages. Pages that have this discrepancy are those who have been severely affected by this latest update, so take the time to correct their website.
  • Ensure that any content that you post on your website is really useful and reliable. The value that gives content to read it, the higher your ranking with Google will update Google Panda.
  • Try adding a few words on each page, as search engines improve the ranking of pages that have a high content of speech.
  • Make sure your site is highly visible in social media sites. Make people post comments on their social media sites, and make sure your website to share with as many people as possible to ensure that they have not been degraded.
  • Try to establish links to your site as many as possible, using all means possible. Do not just focus on social media, but work on getting other websites, forums, article directories and link back to your website.


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