Monday, January 30, 2012

New Method of SEO

Knowledge About IT SEOThe old rule of search engine optimization as valid as they once were. On page optimization is still important and the number of incoming links to your site is still one of the main driving forces behind the creation of a strong online presence for your website. However, there are some new rules that can really help to further success in the search engines and their position in SERP or Search Engine Results Page High. If you're still trying to draw attention to new methods of search engines SEO can become what they are missing.There is not complicated, difficult or challenging the adoption and application of this technique, and that's good news for every webmaster or search engine optimizer. You just follow the rules to follow.

Because Google is the largest and most search engine traffic to your website that all the others combined which will focus on the search engine. You can find more information on optimizing Bing, Yahoo and other search engines elsewhere, but I refuse to "major in minors" so to speak. I do not want to waste time getting SEO results, so I just assume that others would not either. Google is making some major changes to its search algorithm and these changes are affecting your search in the rankings they know it or not. Google's new engine make some changes Caffeine specific and important, each is described below.

New Google SEO techniques and changes caffeine

  • Google rewards website now loads faster. It is a reality and not let anyone tell you otherwise, there was a public recognition of this fact, Google even offers some tools to help you reduce time to load your page your web site. So take the initiative to make your pages load faster now.
  • Fresh content, more important than ever. Since caffeine has been fully deployed, you may have noticed that the web site pages indexed are now getting established within seconds of being published. This is true and not going away. Keeping up new pages, posts and comments on their website now, increases in the top, only momentarily, but is still effective in the long run.
  • Social Media: authority. This simply means that Google is giving greater value to links from social sites it has in the past. If you do not have a social profile with a link in it and a way to keep it updated, you are losing traffic is that simple.
  • We hope to put the new SEO methods described above in action. You'll be sure to see a change pretty quickly and since all these changes are very simple to implement in most cases, you have no excuse not to. Thanks for taking the time to read and please take a second to comment and rate this article if you enjoyed the information inside.
  • If SEO is your approach and that are interesting to know more about the Google search engine caffeine changed and the new social search Google you will find many useful resources online and in the official Google blog.


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Blogging, classified ads and social media campaign are very fast and effective sources to get good ranking and traffic in short period.

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