Thursday, February 2, 2012

How important are backlinks?

all seo knowledgeWhen setting up your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google, there are several factors you need to look in order to obtain a high rank in search engine. Of course your content and meta tags should be in line with positive density percentages and reciprocal links. Here, Google is your website and performs a mathematical equation and places a numeric value on your website based on one of the most important features,reciprocal or back links.

A link and reciprocal link are identical. Both say the same engine Google, your site should be ranked higher in the order because other people find value in what your website has to offer, so we provide a link to your site. In turn, maintain a closed loop by reciprocating the favor to the other website by extending the same courtesy of a link back. Thus creating a solid network connection. Google likes to see interconnectivity and will reward your website and for planning in this way.

There are drawbacks to the equation. As things change a website that you are affiliated with may drop a hyperlink or a page will be able to accidentally removed. When the Google robot goes through your website and finds a dead link it notes that you are not keeping good care of your website and punishes your web rank by reducing the point value . If you want to know what your sites current point value is download the Google Toolbar and search for your website the box and perform a Google web search. Reading the full URL, Google will go directly to your site first thus pulling up your home page. There is a toolbar page rank for your website between 1 and 10. 1 being a less visited and noted website and 10 a site that screams traffic 24/7.

Some of the people who share reciprocal links with the fact you can scan all the links of continuity, if you receive a bounce of a broken link on your site you can be assured you will receive an email from them. Keep your website in balance with other sites that share links with will keep the Google engine happy. If you go and add a company that is not Google friendly, meaning they have no back links you can also lose points.


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