Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Six simple techniques to improve search engine ranking SEO

allseoknowledgeThere are some very simple SEO techniques for you to improve your ranking in search engines. In the course of my normal analysis of competing web sites, I find an amazing number that does not use all these techniques, however, each can help you get closer to that coveted # 1 position.

The use of these is in itself not lead to the first position of your keyword, but it certainly helps, and no single factor that allows you to hit the top. A # 1 position in Google is achieved by a combination of many factors, such as strategies for internal and external links, relevance of content to the keyword and the overall look of your site. In addition to those detailed below.

So let's start working on the following: These are the basics of SEO, and if not then you are starting with the back foot. These are the essential SEO techniques must be at least, if you want to improve your ranking in search engines, and although intended primarily for beginners, many established Web pages do not contain each of these.

Write "pages" advisedly, because Google and other major search engines web pages from the list, and not entire domains. This means that every page of your website must be optimized in the same way: each must contain any and all seo knowledge or techniques are listed below.


"The title tag is contained within the "head" HTML tags, before the "body" tags. This indicates the title of the page and should contain the most important keywords of the page. The content of the title tag does not appear in the text of the page: its purpose is to inform search engines what the topic of your page, and what words are important (ie, the keyword page) . For example, the title tag of a page based on this article would be "SEO Techniques - Improve your ranking in search engines."


The description meta tag is used by Google and other search engines, lists of search engines. I tested this with them and Google uses it as is, while Yahoo uses part of it. You must provide a description of what the website is about, and a simple review of the descriptions on other sites using the keyword in Google will show how many words you can use to have all the description. About 20 words are fine.


Search engines rarely use the keywords meta tag: Google ignores completely. However, it does not hurt and may help in a small way. Include your name and your own brand name. In this way some engines can display pages if someone is searching for his name. Meta tags have no value other SEO, and do not help your ranking in search engines to be.


The heading tags (H1, H2,...) are used by Google to determine the importance of the text contained in their titles. Use H1 tags for the main title of your page (which is also used in the title tag, but not seen by readers, just for the spiders). Put subtitles in H2 tags. You can change the font size of text within these tags.


Bold and italic, underline and are seen by search engines have a higher weight, so that will be used in determining the relevance of your site. Always Bolden their titles, and also helps out if you look out of place.


Do not write for the algorithms (spiders): write for your readers. I always write for humans and will not go wrong. If the content of the page reads well and has good vocabulary related to the topic, then have a better chance than if a list is stuffed full of keywords. I rarely use more than 1.5% - the density of keywords of 'SEO' terms, SEO techniques 'and' ranking in search engines "(main keywords) of this section are 1, 5, 0.87 and 0.87, respectively. Too bad SEO keywords, and could result in a list of the poor of the page - if listed.


These are Basic Techniques as per SEO point of view. So many peoples does not know this thing. You are doing well. Keep Updating blog,want to revisit this blog.

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SocialMonkee is a must-have for anyone wanting to take their online business to the next level, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to skyrocket your search engine rankings! http://www.socialmonkee.com

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